Steve has bred and trained nearly every breed of coonhound. He feels there are top dogs in every breed, but believes his line of Crazy Cascade Blueticks, is the best line of today’s big-game hounds.

Kennel Mission:

  To produce the finest of top-notch, big-game hounds that will independently strike, trail, locate and tree in all conditions and environments. Crazy Cascade Bluetick Kennels carries on the unrivaled accomplishments and tradition of the renowned Del Cameron in breeding, training and hunting 100% Cameron Blueticks. Crazy Cascade Blueticks offers the pure line of Cameron Blueticks and their bloodlines trace back to The Legendary Cameron Hounds.

Breeding Philosophy:

  Hounds with intelligence, determination, balanced dispositions, strong physical traits and a demonstrated ability to repeatedly produce in the field are bred. Only the best, proven hounds are used to produce sound, healthy litters. This ensures the genetics remain strong generation after generation. Another key element used in the breeding program at Crazy Cascade Bluetick Kennels is using a sufficient amount of individuals to maintain genetic diversity. Some breeders breed too closely which can result in a myriad of problems, including loss of hunting ability and health-related issues.