Crazy Cascade Kennels History

   Hundreds of bears, lions and bobcats have been bayed-up or treed by Steve’s hounds over the years. Some famous big-game hounds he owned include Sparky, Crazy Jake and Crazy Cascade Blue Ice. A mountaintop in Central Oregon was named after Sparky by the Oregon Department of Forestry. Sparky’s Top on Davis Mountain will forever enshrine this prominent bear hound’s name. The illustrious Crazy Jake was a top lion and bear strike dog, and was sought after by numerous big game outfitters in the late ‘80s. He brought many bear and lion to bay for outfitters on Green Ridge Mountain in the Cascades. Crazy Cascade Blue Ice was a true legendary hound who died way before his time. Blue Ice made a name for himself in the 3 short years of his life. This great hound was an intelligent, cold-nosed, powerhouse track dog that put game in trees whenever dropped on a track. Ice is one of the biggest reasons Crazy Cascade Blueticks are so sought after by houndsmen across the nation and Canada.

   Click for larger image There are first-rate hounds in every breed, but Crazy Cascade Blueticks are the most consistent in producing top-notch hounds that will make a one-hound pack or lead any pack of big-game hounds. They are extremely early starters and have a loud, bawl-mouth. With proper training, you will have them trailing, baying and treeing at 4-6 months old. Some have reported back that their pups were doing it as early as 3 months old. Steve has had pups baying house cats and coons at only 4-6 weeks old. In addition, Crazy Cascade Blueticks have a very ‘houndy’ appearance that will make you very proud and the envy of other houndsmen. They also make great family companions with their good-natured temperament.

“You will strike, trail, locate and tree more tree-climbing game with a Crazy Cascade Bluetick.”